We Help People

Buy Assets

Enter a niche with a pre-built website. 

Sell Assets

Exit a niche and get connected with a buyer. 

Grow Assets

Start or diversify an investment portfolio. You own it, we grow it.     


Buy an Online Business

Digital real estate is quickly becoming one of the most valuable assets. As consumers transition toward online shopping, owning an online business just makes sense. 

Whether you're looking for an E-commerce website or an affiliate marketing blog, our team is looking forward to meeting you.  


Sell an Online Business

If you already have an online business and are looking to sell, we can help make the process a bit smoother. 

Our team can assist with tasks such as auditing, valuation, or brokerage.


Grow an Online Business

You don't need to know how to run an online business in order to own one. Invest in a website today and passively make money.  

You'll receive updates and progress reports, but can leave the strategy and management to us. 


Who We Are

Josh Shogren
Content Strategy

Rohit Gandrakota

Steven Schneider
Content ​Production
Link Building

As the founders of Earn With Authority, our is goal to work with you to sell, scale, or buy niche websites. With over a decade of combined experience and a solid team of industry experts, we are confident that we can develop a plan to help you meet your goals. We look forward to meeting you and working together. 

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